We are a management, consulting and business development advisory firm located at the nerve centre of African enterprise. We are a one-stop shop for the business development needs of growing businesses in Africa, helping them raise capital, strategize and achieve business growth.

We are building new markets, creating new business models and helping businesses whether B2B or B2C scale by providing access to market, funding and knowledge.

We are driven by the belief that the African continent holds unique opportunities for investment and socio-economic development. This ‘new’ Africa (AFTZ) will house enterprises that build brands/products for the world. To make this a reality, we are focused on sector-specific investments in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Agriculture and Mining.

We want to build a new ecosystem that allows farmers, entrepreneurs and miners sell their products at updated, competitive prices, achieve investor readiness and get value for their exploration activities.

We are at the heart of Africa's growth

The TIS team has decades of experience, leading and advising on the execution of key projects for Federal and State governments, start-ups and organizations across different sectors. We have established a presence across the continent, building key relationships in the fastest growing economies powering Africa’s economic dominance. We are constantly expanding our operations in emerging markets, building strategic partnerships in the public and private sector and implementing strategic and data-backed projects that deliver optimum value.

Turning smart ideas into rewarding actions

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